Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t see my HomeKit devices!

Please make sure that you have granted HomeDevices access to your HomeKit data. You can do this on the Home screen under “Your HomeDevices” in “Devices”. If you have already denied HomeDevices access in the past, you can activate the “HomeDevices” switch in the iOS settings under “Privacy” -> “HomeKit”.

I cannot unlock HomeDevices Pro for free!

To unlock HomeDevices Pro for free, you must have uploaded at least three devices. We do not upload devices automatically. You can see which devices are still missing in our database and can be uploaded on the main screen under “Your HomeDevices” in “Uploadable Devices”.

I cannot upload any devices!

Then all your devices have already been uploaded. After the upload we check every single device and unlock it manually. During this time, a missing device cannot be uploaded again.

Why is the wrong category displayed on some devices?

We do not manually categorize the devices. We get this information directly from the HomeKit object. If, for example, a manufacturer has stored the temperature sensor as the primary service for an outlet, it will be displayed as the device category. However, this device also appears under outlets.

I have uploaded a device, but it is not displayed!

We check each device manually. This may take some time. If the device is not an officially HomeKit certified device, we delete it.

A device is (not) displayed in my region!

We cannot maintain the regions manually. For example, some devices initially launch in selected countries and are gradually rolled out further. When a device is used by a user in a region, it automatically appears as available in that region. The more users there are in your region, the more accurate the information becomes. Feel free to share HomeDevices with your friends.

A device has received a firmware update with more features!

You can report a device at any time using the three dots in the upper right corner. Your mail client will open with the correct email address and device name. Just write us that the device has received a new firmware and can now do more. We will then unlock the device for a re-upload.

I cannot control my devices via HomeDevices!

That’s not what we developed HomeDevices for. On the one hand, we want to show you which sensors are built into a device, what can be controlled and what you can use in automations before you buy it. On the other hand, we want to show you what your own devices can do, because not every HomeKit app really shows every possibility.

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