Adding Apple Home and Matter devices is quick: scan the code, assign a name, allocate a room, and that’s it. However, without setup codes, these expensive devices can quickly become electronic waste. The codes are essential for reconfiguration, and manufacturers cannot generate new codes. Therefore, you should securely store your setup codes. We’ll show you the easiest way to do that.

Controller for HomeKit already knows your devices and their room assignments. The app allows you to quickly and easily save your setup codes for Apple Home and Matter devices. If you tap on “Setup Codes” on the main page, you can also see which devices already have codes stored and which ones you need to add.

Setup Codes in Controller for HomeKit

Add Setup Code

If you tap on a device that doesn’t have a code stored yet, you have three options to rectify that.

Add Missing Code

First, you can simply scan the code, just as you would when setting up a new device.

Scan Code

Alternatively, if you have a photo of the setup code in your photo library, you can easily import the image. Controller for HomeKit will automatically recognize the code.

Import Code

As a last option you can enter the code manually.

Manually Enter Code

If you’re unsure about which device it is, you can also tap on “Identify Device.” Apple Home devices typically have an LED that will flash.

Show Setup Code

If you want to add a new device, you’ll need the corresponding setup code. If you’ve previously added it to Controller for HomeKit, you can simply access the device under “Setup Codes,” and the code will be displayed. By tapping on the numeric code, it will be copied to your clipboard.

View Stored Setup Codes

If you plan to add many devices, it might be worthwhile to print them. Controller for HomeKit offers you to create a PDF file at the end of the devices list.

Secure Setup Codes

When you create a backup through Controller for HomeKit, your stored setup codes are included. Additionally, you have the option to generate a PDF file with all the codes anytime. You can find this option under “Setup Codes” at the end of the devices list.

Generate PDF

Note: We recommend saving and printing the codes as a PDF file in general.

Device Removed from Apple Home

If you delete a device from Apple Home, the code will remain in Controller for HomeKit. The code will move to the bottom and can be found under the heading “Codes for Missing Accessories”.

Lost Setup Code

If it’s already too late, and you’ve lost the setup code for a device, we have unfortunate news: without the code, the device cannot be set up again. In this case, you should contact the manufacturer. Although they cannot generate new codes, in the past, some companies have been generous and replaced the device.

Before you do that, however, you should double-check whether one of the codes is still available. The code is often located on the device itself, as well as on the packaging and/or the user manual. Sometimes, the code may also be hidden on the inside of the battery compartment cover.