Currently, some Apple HomeKit users are encountering an issue affecting all third-party apps: the inability to delete the last condition from automations. In this post, we provide detailed information on this problem along with possible solutions to ensure you make the most of your smart home experience.

The Issue

Attempting to remove all conditions from an automation in a third-party app can cause confusion. Deleting the last condition proves to be challenging, as it may initially disappear in some apps but reappear upon reopening the automation.

The condition reappears a few seconds after deletion.

The current flaw lies in the HomeKit framework used by all third-party app developers. While we hope for a prompt resolution from Apple, we’ve diligently sought a temporary workaround.

Our Efforts and Current Status

With the latest update for Controller for HomeKit, version 6.5, we’ve found a solution for most cases. When deleting the last condition, we create a new automation in the background and delete the old one—a process you won’t notice.

However, for automations created through the Apple Home app involving direct actions or shortcuts, we couldn’t implement a solution. Due to the lack of access to these actions or shortcuts, we cannot recreate the automation. In such cases, Controller for HomeKit will prompt you to manually delete and recreate the automation to remove all conditions.

Our Commitment to Transparency

As developers of HomeDevices and Controller for HomeKit, transparency is paramount. Providing open information about relevant developments and challenges is crucial to us. This transparency not only enhances understanding of our work but also fosters trust. In this spirit, we adhere to a clear path of transparency.