If you see HomeKit devices in the Apple Home app but they are missing in other HomeKit apps, there could be several reasons. Below you will find the most common problems and solutions.

Not all device types are available to developers

One of the biggest issues is that Apple does not show all devices to HomeKit app developers. Developers simply cannot access speakers, TVs and routers. These devices can only be controlled through Apple’s Home app.

But it’s not just device access that Apple restricts. They also limit access to some features. Shortcuts, Adaptive Lighting, HomeKit Secure Video, and Notifications are exclusive to Apple. However, Controller for HomeKit has not only found a solution for notifications but has also expanded upon the feature. While the standard notification settings of devices cannot be modified, Controller for HomeKit offers the ability to configure custom notifications.

HomeKit access not granted

If you don’t see any HomeKit devices in a third-party app, it’s most likely due to missing permissions. You can decide which apps should have access. Most apps ask for this permission upon their first launch. However, you can grant access later by going to the system settings of your iPhone or iPad, opening the respective app, and enabling the “Home Data” switch.