The leading HomeKit app, Controller for HomeKit, and the world’s largest database for Apple Home accessories, HomeDevices, have joined forces and will now combine their strengths. This fusion is set to elevate the Apple Home experience to new heights.

A Comprehensive Solution for Apple Home Users

With the ever-increasing number of Apple Home accessories and the introduction of Matter, the use of a comprehensive and user-friendly HomeKit app becomes increasingly important. At the same time, the demand for information is rising, as it’s easy to lose track with the growing number of accessories.

Through the collaboration between Controller for HomeKit and HomeDevices, both of these requirements can be addressed seamlessly. This collaboration brings numerous benefits for users, including faster development cycles, exciting new features, seamless integration, and a wealth of expertise.

Free Courses in HomeDevices

In the past, HomeDevices has provided information about devices, apps, and news. Now, free courses are also being offered. The latest version already includes the first two courses. These courses also pave the way for the future development of HomeDevices as an information platform for Apple Home and Matter. The goal is to be there for users at all times and provide them with relevant information.

The “First Aid Course” allows users to quickly and systematically resolve the most common issues with Apple Home. In the brand-new “Controller Course,” users learn how to take their Apple Home to the next level by setting up complex automations, custom notifications, and much more.

An Important Step for the Future

Jan André, CEO of acasa Software GmbH, commented on this partnership: “Thanks to Controller for HomeKit, we have already been able to offer innovative features for controlling and managing Apple Home accessories that go beyond the standard features of Apple Home. With HomeDevices and Yannic Fries, my partner Markus Getto and I have found the perfect complement. HomeDevices enables us to better inform users about Apple Home and Matter, answer important questions, and provide a clear experience even with a multitude of devices.”

The acquisition of HomeDevices underscores the commitment of acasa Software GmbH to continue playing a significant role in the Apple Home market in the future. Exciting new features are being developed for both Controller for HomeKit and HomeDevices to further enhance the Apple Home user experience.